Customers and Depots 1844 – 1885

Recent discoveries have enabled us to expand the list of known customers and depots of the Louis Audemars company.

As with the lists of employees and contractors (Link), this list is almost certainly incomplete as many products were sent to Audemars’ depots in several cities and sold on locally.

Nevertheless we now have about 210 names, many with their locations.  The full updated list is included as an appendix to the french edition of the book (Link).  The current English edition includes an addendum sheet which completes the list.

The names have been transcribed as they appear in the books and some of the spellings are suspect – particularly where the Audemars were transcribing from Cyrillic script.

Some of the names will be unknown even to experts in the field.   Others are well-known – or surprising – or intriguing.  There are the Grand Duke Alexis of Russia and the Duchesse de Bauffremont (who bought No 12112,  the “La Royale” – Link).  There are Tiffany, Oudin, Frodsham, Buhré, Benson – to name but a few.



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