The register of “Superior Watches”

Ledger no. 2 (my numbering)

A “Register of Watches of Superior quality”

This uniquely important record of more than five hundred pieces covers 1872 to 1874 (approximate production start dates) and consecutive serial numbers from 11855 to 12378.12451

Each full page measuring 30cm x 46cm (Ca. 12” x 18”) details a watch or a pair, trio or quartet of similar watches or movements, showing in nearly every case:

  • A description of the piece(s).
  • The date of commencement of the work.
  • The customer(s), stock depot or exhibition for which it was intended, or to whom it was shipped.
  • Detailed costings of operations and materials.
  • The weight of the various metals used for the movement and case.
  • The names of the outworkers and operatives who worked on the pieces.
  • The final production cost of the finished pieces.
  • The date(s) they were shipped.

Here is a typical page (Click image to zoom):


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