If we can establish that a number for a particular watch or movement appears in one or more of the ledgers we can e-mail confirmation (free of charge) that we have it, with the basic information.

If you wish to order a signed Certificate (for which we make a charge), with the known history of the watch or movement as it appears in the records, please go to the Contact page and send us a message with the number and the best, and most detailed, available description of your watch or movement.  Remember to include your e-mail address.

We will then send you a quotation for the costs of the Certificate and of any Copies of Ledger entries (see link below).

Here is an example of a typical Certificate (click image to zoom):12112 Certificate

Please be aware that we only certify that a particular number appears in our record.  Our certificate is not a confirmation that it applies to your watch or movement.

Please also note that certificates are normally written in English.  If you requre your certificate to be written in another language, there may be a surcharge for the costs of translation.  The amount of the surcharge may depend on the particular language.

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