Summary of sales 1880 – 1885

Ledger no. 7  (my numbering)

A summary of sales and shipments

- between January 1880 and the liquidation in 1885, to many customers and to Audemars depots in London, Paris and elsewhere, showing a huge range of product numbers, descriptions, invoice dates and selling prices in S.Fr (£Sterling in London).  This book has enabled compilation of a very important list of previously unknown customers which is included in The Story of Louis Audemars & Cie (Link)

Ledger 7 extract (Click image to zoom)

When the company collapsed, many of the remaining movements had already been bought by family members who used them to start their successor companies.

This book shows which numbers were taken over by Louis Audemars-Valette (“Louis Audemars & Cie” – confusingly!) and François Audemars (“François Audemars Fils“). – See the Successor” Companies.

We have no record of movements taken up by Hector and Charles-Henri (François’ younger brothers) who founded Audemars Frères (but nothing would surprise me).

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