30th June 1880 Stock Record

Ledger no. 4  (my numbering)

Stocktake at 30th June 1880 with nearly 2,000 serial numbers. 

The first part contains stock records and selling prices of watches and movements held in the Audemars depots in London, Paris, the Jules Jaques depot (Vienna? – Russia?), Vienna, Hong Kong (J Keiser), Geneva, the depot of M. Degallier (location not clear), America (NY?).

The prices are expressed in FrancLedger 4 extracts except for the London stock which is shown in £ Sterling  (Click image to zoom)

The second part of the book shows details of work in progress in Le Brassus, Paris, London and Geneva on 30th June 1880 with production start dates, descriptions, the stage the work had reached on that date and the cost prices expressed in Francs.

There are also details of some watches bought in by the Paris depot for re-sale, a list of watches which had been sent to Sydney, Australia for exhibition and had been returned, and a list of watches and movements inherited, or taken over from, from a M.Golay (I am fairly certain he had been their London agent and had died).

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